Our planet is a world out of balance.  We are borrowing from the future at a pace unprecedented in history.  There needs to be a giant change in direction.  We need to start building for a real future.  This is our goal.  It is a realistic goal.  We have the technology.  What we need is a commitment to victory.

We have been studying global trends since 1995.   Our research is based on a system of over 300 indicators from what are supposed to be the most respected sources of information on the planet.

Today's environmental trends have no future.  There is a very simple choice.  People will implement reforms or nature will do the job for them.  It is very important to understand that most of the major reforms cannot be implemented on an individual or local basis.  These reforms require a centralization of government power and international cooperation.  In other words reform is a matter of politics and political philosophy.  This is why we have spent a great deal of time studying history and political philosophy.  We have learned that democracy does not rule by divine right but by the assumption of civil responsibilities by those who vote.  Today, there is no greater civil responsibility than the transformation of today's world economic order to a system that is compatible with the hard realities of nature.     Democracy failed and committed suicide in ancient Greece and Rome.   That will happen here if reform does not come.

Time remains the same.  History remains the same.  Nature's laws remain the same.  Nature's laws apply to all nations and all political systems.  Nature has existed for billions of years.  People have only been here for 40,000 years.  Nature's laws are remorseless.  They cannot be changed by human political systems.

Every age in history has a theme.  Ours is debt.  The whole structure of the modern economy is an environmental debt against the future.  In the last 30 years environmental debts have been compounded by growing financial debts.

Debt is like a drug.  It creates a false sense of security by pushing problems into the future.  The problem is that the global future is refusing to stay in the future.  It is turning into today.

The World Future Fund web site has more than 3,000 pages and many more links. Many of our pages have hit number one positions in the world's leading internet search engines.   Our web site contains much high quality documentary material that cannot be found anyplace else.  Our work is organized in four programs: The Global Future Watch Indicators Project, The Global Education Project About Religion, Philosophy and History, The Global Totalitarian Research Project, and The Global Media and Popular Culture Project.

We stand at a turning point in the tiny time period (40,000 years) that we have been on this planet.   Nature's billions of years stretch out behind us and before us.

Huge changes are coming to our planet with or without the cooperation of our leaders.  It is our belief that change would be best if it took place in an orderly, nonviolent manner.     We can change direction.   There is still time.

Our job is to educate people and leaders to make the needed reforms.  It is also our job to warn those in power of the consequences of failure.

Some of our leaders have thought that they would be able to serve out their terms and enjoy the benefits of power before the coming storms arrive.  Others have egotistical delusions about building a fairy tale future which will never take place.   These people are going to learn some very hard lessons.

Time is running out.   People should work for non violent, peaceful change today.  Tomorrow, nature will impose changes on them whether they want to cooperate or not.  Our job is to educate people about the need for action now.

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